Press Kit Text

You can find our brands assets, colors and fonts below.
We're not gonna give you bunch of guidelines on how to use them, you're a grown-up (probably), use them however you want Hng


SVG assets don't lose quality when scaled, but they might not be compatible with some platfroms.
PNG assets lose quality when scaled but they have wide compatibility accross all platforms.


We have 4 colors in total, 2 primary, 2 secondary colors.
We mostly use primary ones as foreground and secondary ones as background colors.
Primary Yellow
Primary Green
Secondary Grey
Secondary Dark Grey


We have 2 fonts, one primary, one secondary.
We use the primary font for almost everything, like titles, paragraphs etc.
And we use the secondary font for Banano addresses, or any text block that requires same width lines.
Font Primary
Font Secondary